Are you exporting your products worldwide?

newropetec opens up new export markets for cutting-edge technology products, services and consumables originating from the European continent.

Established SMEs and creative Start-ups from the European continent, focused on innovating and producing their technologies, come to us to extend their export networks worldwide and increase their market shares. Your job is to know what and how to produce; our job is to know how and where to export.

Hands on experienced team members with years of successful activity  in developing export networks in many parts of the world for renowned Swiss/European SMEs and multinational companies is the key to success. If you are a SME or a strat-up with a specific technology, please contact us. We would only be too happy to investigate how we can together  develop new markets for you.

Developing an export network, creating a service support team or introducing new technologies takes time. Let us meet today therefore, and anticipate together where you want and can be with your products/innovations tomorrow. It is like in sport. To pass well the ball when running, you have to anticipate the speed of other players…”

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