newropetec has three fundamental objectives:

-          Generational Complementarity;

Firstly, the core of newropetec is the generation complementarity. On one side we need cutting-edge technology producers, start-ups, dynamic SMEs who can think and invent the world of tomorrow; on the other side we have well experienced, strongly connected individuals who are deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of a specific part of the world

-          European Inventiveness

Secondly, the European continent has been reinventing itself for thousands of years, and we are convinced this process is far from over. Companies are developing the world of tomorrow, investing a lot in education, research and processes. The quality and performance of products from the continent is asked for all over the world. And we need to connect the SMEs of this continent to the rest of the world

-          International Trade Benefits.

Finally, we believe that responsible international trade is a source of wealth to everyone. We all gain to export what we are good at and import what others can do better

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